Monday, February 9, 2009

Ice Ice Baby - Start Week 19

January 9, 2009 -

Week 20 of Ironman training down, go time for week 19....bring it on.

Last night I was just hoping it wouldn't be pouring rain this morning for my early run and I got my wish. Instead it was ice ice baby and snow.....brrrrr. It wasn't bad though, I headed out in 33 degrees and didn't ever really notice the cold. It was icy slick though which slowed my pace a little. Today's run called for mixed sprints added in. I liked that a lot. Every five minutes you added in a 30 second sprint and then back to your run pace.

In my second workout today I hit the pool for my long swim. The first 1200 yards were way lame. I felt tired and sloppy and like the pool was twice the length with a current going against me both ways. Maybe it was because supposedly the pool's heater went out this weekend and they had just fixed it so the pool was freeeeezing! It was about 1800 yards that I actually started to feel strong and like I was displaying something resembling decent form. Also, I swam next to John Curly from King 5 News Evening Magazine show. Turns out he's an Ironman.

Day 40 Training Log - Today's training plan consisted of a 45 minute run with mixed sprints and a 2900 yard swim but I wanted to hit that 3000 mark so I bumped in an extra 100 yards. I hit the snow for the run and really liked the added sprints. Swim was a slow start and a strong finish. Overall, cool strong day of training....I suppose I will continue tomorrow.

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