Sunday, February 8, 2009

House of Payne

February 8, 2009 -

Had to rock out some time on the bike today as per "the plan". I really had no desire to head outdoors, even though I could have, so I hopped on the trainer in das-theater of the garage. I ended up going an additional six minutes beyond what the plan called for so I could finish the movie I was watching. That movie was Max Payne starring Mark Wahlberg and it was.....ok. I didn't love it because it was much slower than I thought it would be however, I really cranked it during the high action scenes.

The whole movie biking thing is pretty cool because it does help the time go fast...when the movie is good. But, when it's blows. The time drags and then some high action scene hits and you start cranking as if you were directly connected to the action in the movie. It's half-way through some butt-kicking, gun slinging scene before I realize my heart is about to explode and it is in the middle of some mushy love scene before I realize my heart is hardly beating like I'm strolling on my beach cruiser in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.

Gonna have to work on my movie-biking consistency. Everyman should be able to train as hard during an intimate dater dinner scene as he should during an lethal destruction and explosion chase scene......right?

Day 39 Training Log - The plan today called for 90 (I did 96) minutes on the bike (or trainer), all big ring work. I loaded up on the trainer as it was low 40's, which was do-able, but I wanted to work stationary and watch a movie. I alternated all on the big ring with 10 minutes fast spin easy gear, 10 minutes med-fast spin medium gear, and 5 minutes med-spin hard gear. The first 30 to 45 mins of the ride my legs actually felt pretty lame, but picked up and rocked the last half of the ride working hard enough to make up for any slack on the first half.


  1. Can you still do that famous Pee Wee Herman Dance?

  2. c'mon, give me some platform shoes and it's on.