Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Morning Bonanza

February 24, 2009 -

I thought I should record the hustle and bustle of my mornings these days as I try to sneak in parts of these workouts. Such a lame idea to wake up all early to train but I do it for the love if Ironman...oh and because I don't want to die during the Ironman.

There is just not enough time. I may have to start getting up even earlier....but don't want to jump to any decisions right yet.

Act 1 - The Workout: Today I got up at 6a and slugged slided up to some morning news, water, XS Energy Drink, and a banana. Did some stretching and then geared up. By 6:30 a I was cranking it out in the ghetto garage movie theater to another episode of Dexter. By 7:30 I was done and watching some Today Show while stretching with a cup of coffee.

Act 2 - The Girl: Shower, pack the gym bag, say goodbye to wifey (who leaves at 8a), and grab kid #1 (5 - yrs). Pull out some clothes for her, make her some oatmeal and turn on some cartoons to entertain while I continue the madness. This is about 8:15 now. I start to make a lunch to take to work. Turkey sandwich, salad with feta cheese, garbanzo beans and sweet cherry tomatoes. Also sliced up a red bell pepper for an afternoon snack and made a protein shake with vanilla whey protein, frozen fruit blend and nonfat milk for a mid-morning snack.

Act 3 - The Boy: Enter kid #2 (18-mos). Get the boy, change diaper and dress. Then warm some milk for that dude. Whilst he drinks I cook myself a balanced breakfast to fuel me through my next workout. A prefect blend of protein and carbs with two egg-whites, 1/4 cup ground turkey, 1/4 cup brown rice, and some shreddy cheddy. Also, multigrain english muffin with peanut butter. By this time the boy finishes the moo and I share my breakfast with him while encouraging daughter to finish hers.

Act 4 - The Leave: Wash all dishes, take out trash and recycling, start and load car with work bag and gym bag. Greet nanny, kiss kiddos, brush teeth and bounce at 9a.

That's it. every minute is railed so that I can leave precisely at 9a when nanny comes. Then I go to work for four hours or so and then to the gym to finish my second workout during my lunch hour.

Day 55 Training Log - Today's plan called for one hour on the bike and a 45 minute run. Cranked out the bike at 6:30a this mornin to an episode of Dexter. Rode all big ring with a mix of fast spinning on medium gears, and cranking through hard gears. Then to the gym for 45 minutes on the dreadmill (rainy and cold out today and I didn't want any part of that.) I ran it out fast yesterday and had no desire to do that today on the mill so I did 15 mins at a 9 min pace, 15 mins at an 8:30 pace, and 15 mins at a 8 min pace. All in all, good solid workout day again, feelin strong.

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