Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ironman Is Not Singular

February 14, 2009 -

Ironman in its own right is a singular word....I am an Ironman. It is a journey of one person's rigorous training and one long day of personal test and trial.....or is it? For me, Ironman is a plural word. It is more like IronFamily, because without the support (and permission) of them, there would be no race.

I'm sure only two weeks into training my wife is already tired of hearing all about every detail of my training that day, and my kids would much rather prefer me tickling and chasing them around than disappearing into the garage on the bike trainer for two hours.

What I realized is that this race takes as much sacrifice from my family as it will take from me and when I cross that finish line in June it won't be just my victory, but also my family's. On that day, all the hours I have trained will pay off and all the hours they have supported will pay off, and I will not be an Ironman on that day, but we will be an IronFamily

Day 45 Training Log - The beautiful Saturday. You precious little Saturday you. Happy Valentines to me; it's my day off.


  1. Love this post and totally agree. With two young girls and a supportive husband I"ve been able to train for two marathons, and now a third. It is definitely a family affair! Best of luck!!

  2. Thanks for the note. I guess I should have also mentioned all the gross sweaty clothes my wife is washing for me everyday. IronLaundry,