Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One Small Step For Mankind

February 3, 2009 -

Today was a great shift in the future of my workouts. I actually set my alarm....got up....and ran! Different than yesterday where, I took a morning run still on my own schedule, I made a point to get up when it was still dark and 34 degrees. I dressed, stretched and downed a Muscle Milk (light) and headed out. It was cool, it was eye opening, it was do-able. I will be continuing to use the wee morning hours on days that require it, and now have defeated the unknown....I am advanced to the next level.

Also today I took the bike out on a lake loop ride which was doooooope. It was sunny and 55 degrees today. I finished this ride 10 minutes faster than the last time I did it which, was inspiring. One fun training side-note I was ironically grateful for was....a flat tire. In my triathlon career this was my third ever and the first on my new bike so it was great practice. Turns out I was a little rusty at changing my flat. After taking way too much time changing out the tube, I ended up blowing it up with too much CO2. The second round was much faster, organized, and filled precisely (as precise as you can get on a C02 cartridge). All in all it ended up being a great refresher and I was happy to have succeeded as well as having two tubes and two C02's.

Day 34 Training Log - On the plan today was a 45 minute run and a 60 minute bike ride. The run was cold but felt pretty good. It took me about two miles to get warmed-up and into my stride. The run, like yesterday ended up being at an 8 minute pace. Then, this afternoon, I went out with a buddy for the 60 minute ride which, ended up being a 25 mile 75 minutes lake loop. I felt great on the ride and finished thinking I could go for more...but nay...that day will come soon enough.

Post Script - Yes waking up on a random morning at the b-c of dawn for a training workout is much much different than waking up at the b-c of dawn on race-day. It requires a little more motivation.

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