Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snow...Really? Keep It Coming

February 26, 2009 -

I was about to go off on the two inches of snow that I woke up to this morning until I realized something great. I was still able to run outside today on my long run and it wasn't raining. Yes, it was cold and there was snow on the ground...but it was sunny.

That got me thinking about this whole month. I had three scheduled runs a week in my training plan. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and for the entire month of February I was only rained out on one run! I was able to run outside in Seattle, in February, with no rain, 11 times!!! That has got to be the best on record. Usually February in Seattle is grey, 40's to 50's and drizzly most of the days.

Thinking about it even more, I even got at least one bike ride in each week outside! That brings the total to over half of this month being able to get at least one workout, outside without rain.

So yes...snow....and yes.....34 degrees. I will take you. I will love you....and I will run and bike all over your business! Just keep that rain at bay.

Day 57 Training Log - As you may have picked up from the above, I had a 90 minute long run today. I went headed out with a buddy and went up the trail. There was snow on the ground, but it got progressively sunnier and meltier as the run went on. The only thing that blew....was the wind. (haha, lame joke I know). Seriously though, on the way out the cold wind gusts were sucky. The way back however...nice....very very nice. We slowed it down today and came in at 11 miles for an 8:20 pace. Good easy run.

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