Friday, February 6, 2009

A Happy Ending

February 6, 2009 -

I just had to get through today's workout to earn my one day off after six hard days of workouts. Maybe I was tired today because I go harder than the plan recommends, or because this is the most I have worked out in one week ever. Either way, I was sitting at work this morning wishing I was still on my January conditioning plan because I called the shots on the days off. Not to say that I won't eventually need to modify this current plan, but as long as I can stick to it or exceed it...I will.

So I hit the gym, body feeling a little tired. Today was a swim with a speed focus and a bike with big ring work. Hopped in the pool and swam it out. Usually I don't do a lot of drills or varied workouts in the pool (probably the downfall of being self trained). I mostly go for endurance and distance, which is why I really enjoyed today's swim. It was varied and challenging, and it went by fast. Then, I went to the stationary bike since it was rainy and lame outside.

After the workout for a few hours, I felt waxed, tired, and worn out....but proud of a hard worked, successful first week. I think with Saturday's being my day off, I will consider my week Sunday to Friday. Anyway, it is mid-evening now and I am feeling better, recovered, and happy to enjoy my day off I guess there was a happy ending.

Day 37 Training Log - Today's swim called for 1350 yards consisting of a 400 yard warm-up that was 50 free 50 kick for the distance. Then I moved to 8 x 100 where every 100 was 25 easy, 25 build, 25 easy, 25 hard. I really cranked it as hard as I could on the last 25 of each set and I think that's what did me in. Then there was a cool down of 6 x 25 of a progressive slow down. From there I moved to the stationary bike for 45 mins which I did a 15 minute warmup at a solid resistance and then I did 30 minutes of alternating intervals of hard and very hard. Great workout.

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