Monday, February 16, 2009

Level Up - Start Week 18

February 16, 2009 -

I had a run and swim today and with weeks 20 and 19 under my belt I was feeling good. Actually, I handled today's workouts with ease, which got me thinking, time to level up. Gonna have to go harder and take it up a notch. I ran today wondering when running at an 8 minute pace for an hour became such an easy thing? It went by so fast today and was not even tiring? Weird right.

Then I hit a long swim in the pool and the same thing. I was strong and felt as though I could have kept going. All in all I am excited how things are going to this point. I'll probably take some time this week and start going through my March training calender to determine if I should start getting intimidated or not.

The weather this week is supposed to be low 50's and sunny all week so I will be cranking outside each day, which will be dope.

Day 47 Training Log - I had and hour run and a 3000 yard swim today. The run was a cakewalk. It flew by and could have been mistaken for some stroll around the neighborhood even though it ended up being about 7.5 miles at an 8 minute pace. I did run slower on the return route by 52 seconds. I turned around at 30 minutes and ran the same route back and came in at 1:00:52. Gotta pick up my pace on that last mile, which is all uphill. With the day off work I went from the run to the gym for a swim. The swim was 6 x 500 and I was swimming each 500 in about 9:45 so it took about an hour. I was focusing on my form, especially when I was getting tired. All in all, great day, felt strong.


  1. Wow I only dream of an 8 mile pace lol! Great job, are you swimming indoors? I haven't picked it up yet this year, still too cold outside. Thinking of the Y as an alternative in the winter . . .

  2. Thanks for reading! Right now, I am swimming each time indoors at my gym. Still a lil too cold to get out in the Puget Sound. That's ok for now....that day will come.