Tuesday, February 17, 2009


February 17, 2009 -

Yes, today I was Bravewind. It is very similar to Braveheart but with less battle axes and swords. And, instead of a horse I had my dope Felt B-12 Tri Bike. Bravewind was created out of bombing hills hitting 38mph while laying out over the aerobars managing to not die while high wing gusts were attacking from the side.

Since I bought the new tri bike I have been trying to get used to the difference in stability when you are laying out there over the front on your aerobars. It's a little more wobbly and with no brakes out there it is more of a mental/I dare you challenge to hit a top speed and also not die.

Today I hit 38mph and it was cool, but then there were these wind gusts swiping from the sides throwing more instability into it which made me....Bravewind.

Lame.....yes. Exhilarating.....definitely.

After that I went out to the trail for a 45 minute run. I was worked from some of the hill work on the bike, but also enjoying just cranking through it. Unfortunately, toward the end of the run I was starting to question if it would be over soon. I think with the two-hour bike Sunday, hour run and 3000 yard swim Monday, and hour bike 45-minute run today...my legs are seeking a lil recovery. Oh well, still a good fun day of training.

Day 48 Training Log - Today called for an hour bike and 45 minute run. For the bike I went out with my training buddy up the highway 520 trail, which included some cool hills including three mega hills. One is a gradual one-mile incline, and the other two are super steep half-mile inclines. The great thing about hill work is that the downhills are so much more fun! After the bike ride and about a 20 minute transition to answer some email, return a phone call, and have some water, we headed out to the trail for a 45 minute run. The run ended up being 45:52 for 5.75 miles at a 7:58 pace. All in all another 2500 calories burned. Prolly gonna make it up in leftover Valentine's candy....woop woop.

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