Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy (chatty) Trails

February 5, 2009 -

I had to hit the trail today for the training calendar's "long run" which was to be 90 minutes at an easy pace. I ran out on the Burke Gilman trail, which I have logged more miles on in the past five years than I care to remember, but.....for some reason it never gets old. It is scenic, flat, and nature filled. In fact, today I saw a bald eagle.

Nature nature blah blah blah. It's just a good trail. What made today's run great was the weather, a fuel belt with some Gatorade, and some Body know....down there. Also, I had a buddy running with me so we just cruised and chatted it up like little girl scouts selling cookies.

I expected this run to be more challenging as per the higher workload this week...but was dope. Maybe I was just cut-out for Ironman? (Classic last words of a rookie full-length Ironman neophyte.)

Day 36 Training Log - Today's training plan called for a 90 minute, easy-paced run. So I hit the trail and just cruised along. It was a really nice run. Ended up being 1:30:32 for 11 miles. That was an 8:13 pace burning 1774 calories with an average heart rate of 150bpm. It was 48 degrees and kinda sunny and I felt solid. I just might keep this training up.

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