Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Old Ladies Makin Waves

February 4, 2009 -

What is with old ladies and water aerobic classes? They just love this stuff and it is really quite funny to watch. Today I had a specific time that I could hit the gym for a swim and it just so happened to be during the water aerobics class.

There was only one lane of the pool open for lap swim, which had two swimmers so I sat and watched. It was about 20 old ladies prancing around in the water mimicking an instructors movements and getting down to what could have only been the "totally 80's" cd on a boom box. This was funny stuff.

When a lane did open up in the pool the ladies were still going strong and what I realized was, that they were causing some serious motion in the pool that was rippling over into my lap lane. I have think this may be the closest I have come this winter to an open water swim with all the extra waves. The other thing they do is crank the heat up in there so it was toasty! Oh, well, funny experience....but great, strong swim today.

Day 35 Training Log - The only thing on the training plan today was the swim, but I also wanted to do some weight training. I don't want to lose my weight training and am still struggling to find a way to add it into the already busy, six day-a-week training plan but it worked out ok today, so we'll see. The swimming was 1650 yards, which consisted of all freestyle with a warm up of 4 x 75, then 3 x 400 adding intensity each set and then a cool down of 150. Then I changed and headed out to the weights for a quick lift. I hit the bench today hitting my highest ever with 2 x 210! There was plenty of other bench in there, but that was the highlight. From there I moved to work with a kettle bell. I did standing shoulder raises with a 35lb kettle bell and alternated between sets with full situps cradling that same 35lbs bell. After that I hit some closed grip pull-ups for four sets of 8,7,5,4. Then......spent. I called it a day. I have been feeling pretty tired in my muscles for the rest of the afternoon.


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  2. Wow, this is cool. I got on the website after watching the video and checked it out. I think I will need to grab one of these vests!