Friday, February 20, 2009

Sneaky Deaky...Work One In

February 20, 2009 -

So my daughter is turning 5 next week and for the next couple weeks we have family in town visiting and praising the victory of turning 5. What that means to me?...figuring out how to sneak in my training so as to not take away from family visitation times.

Today that meant sneaking in a 90 minute bike ride and a 1450 yard speed swim without anyone noticing.

The 90 minute bike was a no-brainer...get up at 6a and crank it out while the lazy's are sound asleep. This was actually one of my favorite bikes to date as I rode the trainer in the "ghetto theater" and watched Bad Boys. This was a perfect mix of comedy and cranked out action so you can spin away and not notice that your ass is chaffing.

Then came the swim, which didn't go unnoticed. I had to take time away for this, however it did end up great as my moms slept in and takes like nine hours to get ready. I took the kids to the gym daycare to play while I left moms at home and I swam it out.

Awwww yeeeeaaaaa, another week down. That makes three down.....17 to go.....bah!

Day 51 Training Log - On the docket today was a 90 minute bike ride and a 1450 speed swim. On the bike I put in 30 minutes on the big ring spinning fast between two of the lighter gears. In the second 30 minutes I did the same thing with fast spinning on the big ring easy gears but I spent the whole 30 minutes on the aerobars. With the last 30 minutes I put it on the big ring hardest gear and cranked for 10 minutes and then kicked it down one gear each 10 minutes until it was done.

From there to the pool for a speed swim. It was a shorty today, but a goody. 300 warm-up and then a 20 x 50 main swim. That 1000 was medium pace on the odds and all-out on the evens. I was fairly certain my lungs were either bleeding or exploding...but neigh....I was done and alive. Fished with a 150 cool down and it was a day.

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