Friday, February 13, 2009


February 13, 2009 -

Molphin. That was me today in the pool. Half man half dolphin. Breakthrough in swimming finally! After a highly discouraging swim on Wednesday I rocked it hard today. I read a few articles on swim stroke and technique and tried to implement today what a difference. I could feel it as I gracefully slid through the water with power and style.

In fact, you may see me on a Wheaties box next week (if of course, some sweet advertising scout was there to witness the greatness.)

As for the bike, I got up for the third time this week at 6a and hit a work out. I know most of you hard-core tri-peeps get up long before that to crank out your training and probably scoff at my leisurely 6a triumph and to you I say....bah! Whatever, this is where I begin. (PS - but good for you, I wish I could do that and am sure I will have to soon enough (secretly jealous)).

Day 44 Training Log - Today on the plan was a 55 min varied bike trainer ride and a 1500 yard speed swim. I woke up at 6a and hopped on the bike to yet another great and twisted episode of Dexter and worked it out. It was a 10 minute warm-up at a fast spin on an easy big ring, and then sets of 8-minutes at a hard big ring spin followed by a 2-minute big ring easy recovery. Then a 5-minute cool down. During lunch, I went to the pool for a 1500 yard speed swim. This was a 300 yard warm-up with a form focus followed by 10 x 100. Where it was a 1 to 5 descent and a 6 to 10 descent. If you don't know, that means all out on your first 100 and gradually turn down speed so by 500 you are at an easy pace. Then you repeat that pattern on 600 through 1000. That was followed by a 200 cool down, which was 50 kick, 50 swim....repeat. And then....glory glory. I was done by noon, that means a full day and a half off....rock-n-roll baby!

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