Thursday, February 18, 2010

Full On War!

February 18, 2010 -

This is war! As I have begun fighting to get in racing condition in a short period of body continues to fight back and I won't have it. I go for a PR in running and I sprain my ankle. I get heavy into training for a 70.3 PR and my knee goes out. I finally get running and my hamstring tweaks. I start to pump up my brick length and I pinch a nerve in my neck and now I bump up my yards in the pool and come down with a wicked sinus infection.

As my body continues to bring the problems to try and derail me, I continue to smack it down by pushing through it all...and despite the hiccups, it's going well so far. The ankle healed long ago, the knee, although sore/achy is holding out, the hammy is back to normal after a hot date with the foam roller (love that thing), the pinched nerve should be gone in another day or two and I'm hoping this sinus infection is peaking now and should be gone in the next couple days as well.

I'm hoping after all this me and the old body can reach a truce and get back to the harmony we were in last year.

After my bike/run brick on Tuesday, I hit 2700 yards in the pool yesterday, which went great. I had a 6 x 75 warm-up (last 25 in each set kick), then a main set of 3 x 700 and a cool down of 150 easy. Although I slowed down each set of 700, I still swam strong and efficient.

Today I headed out for a longer bike. It was sunny, clear and gorgeous! The ride ended up being only 28 miles (I hoped it was longer), and incorporated three huge hills. I averaged 18 mph but really struggled with this sinus infection as my nose was constantly draining and I was hacking up huge green goobers from my lungs.

Now I seem to be really sick...bah! I wanted to go on a run outside tomorrow as it is supposed to be sunny and 60, but I think I will have to detour yet again to get well.

The war continues.

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  1. I can totally understand as I am having the same exact problem this week as well only in my chest. Feel better. Have some chicken noodle soup and then call me in the morning.