Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Post Ironman

July 29, 2009 -

I thought in the fifth and final installment of my Ironman race recap it would be important to detail the fall of an Ironman....the post race recovery and ongoing celebration. It always amazes me how quickly you can go from endurance race shape to struggling to crank out a short workout.

I was advised to take a minimum of a full two weeks off after Ironman for ample recovery. Being that is is the peak of summer, this was a perfect time to relax and relish in my Ironman honeymoon. Only problem was I immediately entered into a busy travel schedule. After a few days in Northern Idaho after the race we headed home where I enjoyed one day back before heading to Anaheim, CA for four days. The next week I was in Kona, HI for four days and the week after that I was in San Diego, CA for three days. I followed that up with one more two-day trip to Portland, OR.

Needless to say it has been a month of eating out, not working out and enjoying the sun. It was two full weeks before I did my first workout, which was an 20 minute bike and 20 minute run at the gym with some situps and pushups too. I was sore like crazy for a couple days after....weird right? After another five days off I did another gym workout similar to the first one but did not get the soreness this time. So in three weeks those were my two workouts.

It was at this three week mark when I started to just feel gross and the workouts commenced. Without another race on the horizon I started to feel this post Ironman let down, like I didn't know what to do now. Best thing to do...register for another race to keep my butt in check. So I did. I'll be racing the Lake Stevens 70.3 on August 16th.

Recently I've hit a 30 mile bike ride, a few 5 mile runs, an 8 mile run, a couple weight sessions at the gym, a 2,000 and 2200 in the pool and 30 minutes swimming in the lake. I have been back to four days a week training the last two weeks and and feeling like I'm coming back and will be adequately ready for Lake Stevens in a few weeks. I have a three hour bike tomorrow and will be doing a couple 25 mile bike/6 mile run bricks.

As far as Ironman itself goes...I said the entire time I was training that Ironman for me would be one and done and then I could just go to being competitive at 70.3. But what can I say....I'm an addict. I can definitely see doing more. Maybe one every three years or so??? We'll see. Ultimately I have the feeling like I will have to race Kona someday to really feel whole, but getting there is an issue I will have to figure out somehow because I don't see myself qualifying in my age group any time soon.

It's good to be back though, training regularly and looking forward to another event. I think with my personality type I always have to have an event lurking out there on the horizon to keep me happy, excited and constantly pushing least that's what I tell myself.

I also thought it fitting to post some photos of my race support crew. My wife, her two sisters, her parents, my kids and a splattering of friends moved around the crowds, braved the cold rain and wind and made sure they caught me at every opportunity. I thank-you.

For this post Ironman blog, that is still one of the things I was most thankful for and really amazed by. Good work team.

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  1. Awesome race recap, especially this one! Cool to hear you thinking about another IM. My wife says IronMan should be a banned substance... :-) But she is supportive as well. Have fun in Lake Stevens, maybe you'll pass me on the bike there, too!