Saturday, August 1, 2009

Baby Come Back

August 1, 2009 -

"Baby come back, you can blame it all on me, I was wrong, and I just can't live without you."

That was about a week ago singing to my swimming, biking, and running. As I struggled to regain consistency and fuel to get back to longer, hard workouts. Well the sports got the message and came back to me.

I had a great week, which kicked off with a fast eight mile run, a great lake swim, a couple five mile run/short bike bricks and the pinnacle re-confidence booster....a 54 mile bike.

I rode this loop around Lake Sammamish, up through Redmond and Bellevue on 520 and down into Kirkland. Continued through Kirkland, Juanita, up to Finn Hill, down to Kenmore, through Bothell, Woodinville and back to Redmond. The total was 54 miles in two hours and forty minutes!!! This was a smokin fast ride for me in 90 degree heat and with some good hills mixed in. I felt great the whole way and didn't have any issues with sore neck/butt/back etc.

All good in the hood!

Going into a 70.3 race in two weeks I needed a solid bike like this to know that....I still got it babay! I'm going to try to get in another one or two of those bikes, and a couple more run/bike bricks and then focus on my swimming the last week.

I'm hoping a five-day trip to Baltimore next week doesn't throw too big of a kink into my plans.

Now its back to summer fun. I spent the whole day yesterday with my wife and some friends out on a boat at seafair. Today, we are taking the kiddos on our first family camping trip to the San Juans....should be pretty sweet!

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