Monday, August 10, 2009

Plan B

August 10, 2009 -

Well the whole time preparing for the CDA Ironman, I always had a plan. A very specific, daily training schedule, which I followed to a T. Since then, I have been following plan B, which is no plan B.

I have been trying to mix in consistency with some big workouts. An now, with the Lake Stevens 70.3 approaching this weekend, I am trying to mentally prepare where physical preparation may have failed. After a full Ironman, I feel like I can pretty much gut this half Ironman out and hit my goal of five hours and forty-five minutes....but we'll see.

I just got back from five long days in Baltimore where I managed to eat poorly, get little sleep and magically slip in two workouts. One was a 10 mile run around the harbor and city at an 8:27 pace and the other was a four mile run the next day at a 7:10 pace.

Today, I hopped in the pool for 2500 yards, which took me 38 minutes and then hopped right on the stationary bike for 42 minutes of medium and hard intervals. Both workouts were great and a little confidence building. I will do one more brick tomorrow (bike/run outside), and then just plan B it for the rest of the week, most likely focusing on swimming.

As for this Sunday, despite my potential lack of preparation...I am excited and confident for a solid race, maximum effort and beating my times in all three sports over last year putting me far better then 2008's 6:16:25 finish. I'm looking to beat it by a full 30 minutes this year...we'll see.

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