Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Golden Prostate

August 12, 2009 -

Another two days of great workouts down and now I can officially begin my Lake Stevens 70.3 taper. Most likely I will take tomorrow off and then just do something small on the bike or swim on Friday or Saturday to get the blood flowing.

Yesterday I did another brick, which was a run/bike. I hit the trail for six miles at a 7:21 pace. It was just one of those days where it all worked, felt great and I took advantage and just cooked for the whole run getting faster with every mile. From there I went straight to the gym for 45 minutes of hard intervals on the bike. Both activities were solid and combined with the swim/run brick the day before, have me feeling ready to rock this weekend.

Today I hopped in the pool for a 3000 yard swim. It was my longest swim since Ironman as I have been sticking with 2500. I knew I should get a long one in before this weekend so I cranked out 3 x 1000. The first set was the hardest but also seemed to go the fastest. The second two sets were easier, but seemed to go forever. Ah well, it was all good and a good swim....again...ready for this weekend.

On a side note, my wife's has grown this insane garden with the tomato plants on steroids. They have been turning and ready to eat over the last week or two, but there are so many we are eating tomatoes for like eight meals a day. Tomato breakfast, tomato snacks, lunch, dinner and tomato dessert. Ok....maybe an exaggeration, but lets just say my prostate has been getting its fair share of lycopene.

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