Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Huff And I Puff

August 4, 2009 -

In an effort to not get my house blown down in the Lake Stevens 70.3 I decided to try to build my foundation of bricks today with a bike/run. I don't want to be the little piggy out there getting eaten alive due to a post Ironman lack of exercise and nutrition.

It seems as though my pattern the last few weeks is to workout relatively inconsistently and then throw in one long workout to make sure I still have a little mojo and today was that day....and....I still got a little mojo.

I started with a bike around Lake Sammamish, which rocked. It was sunny and 75 degrees and I was haulin. I polished off 26 miles at a 20.5 mph pace. After that I transitioned into my running gear and headed out to the trail for a six mile run.

This was not the run I wanted it to be, however it still ended up at a solid pace. I hit six miles at a 7:47 pace. I'm sure if I would have slowed it down to an 8:30 I could have had a much better run, but instead I just gutted it out. It ended up being about 78 degrees and sunny for the run and I was starving. It seems that without a training calendar anymore, I just do whatever and don't always plan my nutrition as well as I was.

Happy though, to get a nice little brick in with some fast times. Now I'm off to see what kind of training I can get done in Baltimore over the next five days.

In the meantime...Lake Stevens (big bad wolf) is huffing and puffing. I hope my bricks are strong.

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