Thursday, March 4, 2010

Full Steam

March 4, 2010,

Full steam ahead goes my triathlon train. Now that I'm well again and picking up training I can put aside being a drama queen and get back to business. I would say the sinus death cold is better and back to 98% and the knee is at about 75% so that combined puts me well over 100% to get things done over the next couple weeks.

Per the previous blog on Monday, I put in a 54 mile hilly ride for a time of 2:51 at 18.6 mph, which I was very happy about, but a little nervous of how I felt after. The next day I did an hour of a total body strength training workout followed by a 20 minute run. This was great and all but I found I got a little too sore from the pull-ups, swiss-ball pushups, dips, abs and kettle bell squats/thrusts to maximize my training the next day.

That is because the next day I headed out for what I wanted to be an eight mile run and only ended up being six. Two things affected this: 1. I was sore and fatigued from the bike and the kettle bells, 2. I tried to run too fast. I knew after three miles I needed to call it and turn around for a six miler. Although my swimming and biking seems to be coming along, I am worried about my running as I just haven't been able to get my miles up...mostly due to the knee. I'm not too worried about it though as running is my strong point.

The six mile run did turn out well however, I really had to push through it mentally because my body did not want to carry me through it. I finished six miles at a pace of 7:36. Breakdown per mile was this: 7:40, 7:27, 7:34, 7:35, 7:41, 7:35. I'm happy with the speed and pace consistency, but it was too much at this point, I should have tried to hit an 8 or 8:30 pace. Oh well, it had been a long time since I ran and opened up and sometimes, if you love to run, that's all you want to do no matter the outcome. I plan to try round two on the long run this weekend and see if I can hit a really slow 90 minute run...not for distance, just for the length of time.

On a side note, me left knee is still a little weird and achy, not sure what is going on here, or what move is going to set if off so I keep stretching, foam rolling, icing and hoping it stays in tact.

So today was a great workout. I hit up 3000 yards in the pool for a workout of 6 x 500. I was swimming between 8:00 minutes to 8:30 per 500. Not sure if that is good or average, but I felt good. My arms and lats were still sore from that strength training on Tuesday so I will cut that out for the next few weeks. The first 1,000 was strong, the middle 1,000 was a little more work on my breathing and form and the last 1,000 was "in the groove."

Coming up next week I'm planning another big bike with a small run bick. Another big swim, and hopefully a 12 mile run along with all the other little stuff. I may do something along those lines the next two weeks and then just maintain small stuff and big swimming during what should be the taper week.

We are driving to Idaho tomorrow through Sunday to celebrate my Daughters 6th birthday and my Wife's anniversary of her 29th :) birthday with family. I think I will be able to maintain my workout goals here....but....I get home Sunday and fly to Vegas early Monday morning through Wednesday night. I have learned from past experience that maintaining training in Vegas proves to be a challenge, but I have set my goals so we will see how it goes.

More to come...I think the more I complain the more my old man gets cocky with his Ironman training that is going great. I'm calling that he beats me in the swim, but I take him in the bike and run for victory by a narrow margin....stay tuned....race is March 27!

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  1. I'm calling that you beat me in the swim, bike and run but I beat you in setting up and taking down my transition ares...stay tuned.