Friday, March 12, 2010

Still On My Grind

March 9, 2010 -

Since last week, I piled on a few more great days of training further launching me toward my half-Ironman race, which is rapidly approaching on March 27. On Friday, prior to making the trek with the family over to northern Idaho, I cranked out a 60 minute bike / 30 minute run brick.

I did medium and medium-hard intervals for an hour on the stationary bike before moving to the dreadmill for a 30 minute run. This was more like a nice easy jog after killing that six miles last Wednesday at a 7:36 pace.

On Saturday I had the chance to get out on the Bill Chipman Palouse trail in Moscow Idaho. This trail connects Moscow (University of Idaho Vandals…alma matter) to Washington State University (Cougars). I love getting out on this trail when we go back to visit because it is where I trained for my first ever marathon….the Chicago marathon…about 11 years ago.

It was a gorgeous day at 44 degrees and sunny clear blue skies. I went for 90 minutes and ended up hitting 11 miles at an 8:27 pace. This was the longest run I have tackled probably since August and it proved to test my limits. I finished fine but definitely struggled with the mental battle as I fumbled the entire time to get into a zone, which eluded me.

I found myself making the run dreadful by constantly checking my time and miles, which if you run, you know makes it miserable. The good thing is that I did finish at a reasonable time and didn’t experience any soreness the next day. Also, the knee, although sore and achy is holding up strong….good to go….woop woop.

Yesterday I was to fly to Vegas for work and knew that I needed to get in a good workout or all might be lost. These training days being so important as I’m coming from behind on a race that is rapidly approaching made me opt to make the smart decision….I pushed my flight back a few hours and hit the gym.

This was a great call. I got up, had a great breakfast, kissed the fam goodbye and went to Golds. I cranked out a 1400 swim and a 90 minute bike brick. The swim was a 250 warm-up, a 10 x 100 EBEH (easy, build, easy, hard), and a 150 cool down. It was a great swim and felt good to get back to those 10 all-out lengths.

Immediately following, I moved to the stationary bike for 90 minutes of interval training at a medium and medium-hard interval. I imagine that the resistance I choose is harder than the actual output than on my bike so I consider it as good as if I was able to get out on my bike.

I’m in Vegas now and hope to get two short days of training in so I can stay on par with my goals….we’ll see….stay tuned.

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  1. Wow, you are making really good progress advancing goals and times like crazy. That run for 11 miles at 8:27 pace is excellent. You will be good and strong for this race.