Wednesday, June 3, 2009


May 3, 2009 -

Bless you. Yes folks, it's officially that time of year and nothing brings it out like the heat....allergy season...bah! Usually, my seasonal allergies don't hit until July/August, but this heat wave we've been on has really brought out the allergy A-Team.

It's a love/hate thing when training with allergies. If I'm good before I head out, then I'm good until the training is over. But....then....after it's's an allergy party for my face. The eyes instantly start getting ridiculously itchy and red, throat is itchy, and the sneezing....geesh, the sneezing.

There is just something about sneezing that prevents anyone from looking cool, but even worse is the red-eyed, constantly sneezing and blowing his nose guy....ya that hot right now.

After about an hour of this annoyance, it gets better and I continue with the day. Not sure why the allergy party holds until I'm done working out, but I'll take that any day over having allergies during the training.

Day 154 Training Log - Only a couple hours of training today with a 90 minute run and a 1550 yard swim. Again with the heat today, so I hit the run at an easy pace as not to die out there, and save my leggers a little for tomorrow's big ride. I hit the trail for the run, where I'm certain the blacktop path sucks in the heat and then spits it back out onto you as you go. It was 87 degrees during my run, I headed out with a gatorade in hand and took a couple thermolytes at the 45 min mark. The run ended up just under 11 miles for an 8:25 hot and schwetty. From there I headed to the pool for 1550 yards, which was a 600 warm-up (200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull). The main swim was 16 x 50 where the odds were a medium pace and the evens were all out....tiring?.....yes. Finished with a 150 cool down and called it a day. Supposed to be another cooker tomorrow for my long that should be rad.....(sarcasm).

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