Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Freedom Of Exercise

June 9, 2009 -

There's nothing better than coming back after a few days off and gettin busy. The body is rested, you're excited because you have been craving a good sweat, and you go out and crank hard with a great intensity, which always results in........a dope workout.

And dope is what I had today. It was a run/bike and I was very eager to get back at it after those three days off, and especially after I wanted to get back yesterday, but didn't get a chance. Mix that with some continued sweet weather here on the eastside of Seattle and it's on.

I headed out mid-morning in about 70 degrees, threw the shirt off, sprayed on the sunscreen and hit it. I had a great run, quicker pace and gave it an overall thumbs up.

Later this afternoon I headed out on the bike in 80 degrees. I did a loop that I've been into lately that is a mix of fast flats and great climbs. I was out there just haulin and came in a full ten minutes faster than what I usually do this ride in and a couple miles an hour improved.....sweet.

Only two lame parts to this workout....first, I forgot this little sweat-band thing I wear under my bike helmet called a halo. So sweat was just draining down my face, eyes etc.....annoying! Second, immediately after each of the workouts, I got worked over pretty good by allergies....bah.

Day 160 Training Log - Today was a 45 minute run, which was great and ended up being just under six miles for a 7:38 pace. The bike was 90 minutes and ended up being just under 19 miles an hour. This was smokin for me for this ride because of all the hills that kill my pace. Great day....two thumbs up.....high-five.....I like.

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