Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pack It Up Pack It In

June 17, 2009 -

Let me begin, I came to win. Lil old school for ya. That's right folks, Wednesday....hump day....pack day. This evening we are putting all the junk together to load into the car. My job is to figure out how to load me, wifey, Ella, Keaton, bike, kid jogger, suitcases and tri bag into the Land Rover. Oh, and we don't have a bike rack, so it's all going inside???

Crazy crazy crazy day! The funny thing about Ironman, is that prepping for it is easy compared to all the work it takes to prepare to leave work for a week. Somehow I'm so railed right now and I was having to think a few weeks out as right after Ironman I have a couple business trips. I'm basically out of the office for two weeks.

After a nonstop, whirlwind day I got about 90% of the work I wanted to accomplish done. Then it was straight home for the packing tornado. My wife got her and the kids ready and the house in order, while I got myself and tri bag ready as well as the bike securely positioned in the car. After that I did some additional house cleaning as we have a friend coming to house/chicken sit.

At the end of it all, it's 10p and I'm just sitting for the first time today. We are pretty much ready to go, but I want to get out early in the morning, which means getting a good breakfast, prepping kiddos, loading the rest of the car and packing we'll see.

Day 168 Training Log - I had another nice lil taper workout today. It was a 15 minute swim, 20 minute bike and 15 minute run. The swim was a 5 minute warmup, 6 x 50 fast, and then a 5 minute cool down. Today the swim was was a bit of a bummer because something was tweaked in my left shoulder. Not sure if I just had a muscle get a lil weird from that massage yesterday or what, but it was having some pain throughout. I still cranked out 900 yards in that 15 minutes. For my 6 x 50 fast my laps were: :37, :39, :39, :39, :38, :37. On the bike it was a five minute warmup, 10 minutes fast spinning and a five minute cool down. Finally, the run was 5 minute warmup, 5 minutes fast and a five minute cool down. Everything is on track...ready to go.

Post Scrip - today is showing a few showers and 67 degrees for Sunday....continues to change. Overall, my verves toward the race are normal. I'm not overly jittery or nervous, mostly just still poised and ready to do it. I was stressed about getting my work done, getting ready to go and getting out on the road tomorrow. I imagine after we get in and get settled tomorrow, register and sit down to have some dinner and relax, I will finally be able to totally unwind and focus on the task at hand.

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