Monday, June 8, 2009

The Last Hoora

June 7, 2009 -

With every one of my half-iron distance races, I like to take off a full week from all junk. I cut out all the crappy food, most of the sugar (I do have this ice-cream addiction), and any beer I may feel inclined to imbibe.

Considering that this full-iron race is double the distance, I decided I should take off double the time from all the junk. The race is exactly two weeks out, so I will make today my last hoora and then go healthy for two weeks. I'm pretty sure this party today includes a bacon cheese burger and fries. Prolly have to throw in some reeces peanut butter cups or a blizzard in there somewhere and maybe wash it all down with a coke.

We'll see.....the day is mine.

After that, I focus and eating a killer clean diet, which includes lean meats and fish, tons of fresh fruits and veggies....and a small lake's worth of water.

Day 158 Training Log - My second day off in a row today, which I'm thoroughly enjoying. I can imagine however, after a couple days of strapping on the junk-food feed-sack...I will be ready to get active again on Monday. I may have to push that third day off back a little bit so I can sweat out all the grease......yes.

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