Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hot Like A Hot Tub

June 2, 2009 -

Wow, we are on a two week or better sunshine streak here in Seattle. At my house in Kirkland today and tomorrow, we should see 90 degrees! It's hot, hot like a hot tub...gonna make ya sweata...gonna make ya weta.

I had a bike/swim today and the swim was in the pool so weather didn't really matter, but the bike was a real cooker. It was a mix of fast flats and four big hills. On those climbs I was just dripping sweat and I could feel the heat pockets as I was zipping along. In places it felt like someone was blowing a hair dryer on me.

It's definitely an adjustment at first to go from your cold winter to cool spring to hot summer temps, but I have adjusted....I think. This is great practice training in the afternoon heat as IMCDA should be 75 degrees or so in the peak of the afternoon. Right about when you are getting off the bike and starting your marathon...it should be just reaching the hottest part of the day....great.

Day 153 Training Log - A cool three hours of training today with a 3000 yard swim and a two-hour bike. I headed out early this morning to knock the swim out, which was a toughy. I think I was still a little tired from last night's hour open water swim. It must have been a little harder than I thought to fight all that chop. Whatever, I knocked it out regardless. It was a 2 x 250 wam-up, a 3 x 750 main swim, and a 2 x 125 cool down. As tired as I felt, it was over just as fast....I'm guessing similar to how Ironman will be. From there, I headed out on a two hour bike this afternoon in 85 degrees that included four killer hills and some real fast flats. Hills...as usual, were slow. The flats however, we were hitting between 23 and 25 miles an hour....just cranking....sweet.

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