Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm Flexible

June 10, 2009 -

As the time seems to be rapidly meting toward race day I've become quite relaxed and flexible with the remainder of my training. Outside of one last big ride tomorrow and another 10-12 mile run next week, it's pretty much just swimming.

Not to say that I've lost my ambition, because I still eat, sleep and breathe Ironman, but I have this "calm before the storm" kinda attitude right now.

I used to be so strict about my workouts and training....I could not, would not miss a day.....I would not, could not go out an play.

But now, with 99.9% of the hard training work behind me, I have taken a more casual attitude toward this last week and a half. I find myself swapping workouts and moving days off to fit my schedule.

Take today for instance. I had a nice little swim planned, but this morning I decided I would rather have a sunny fun day. I ate lunch with wifey and a friend on the Redhook patio, I caught up on some errands and I left work early to take the family down to the Wednesday Kirkland Farmers Market.

So I took Friday's day off today and I will do today's swim Friday....big woop.

Day 161 Training Log - I enjoyed a nice little day in our continued glorious sunshine streak. 80 degrees made for a nice patio lunch and a fun time loading up on fresh produce at the farmer's market. Back at it tomorrow with my last long bike ride.

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  1. Ahhh...that Kirkland Farmer's Market. Say hello to the Organice Farmers for me ;) Can't wait to see you next weekend! -Jill