Monday, June 15, 2009

The Final Frontier - Start Week 1

June 15, 2009 -

Start week The final frontier....the final count down. Every Monday for the last 19 weeks I have added a "start week #" as a part of the countdown, and here it is....starting at me....taunting me.....gently torturing me....start week 1. The final days counting down to zero.

I'm finding I have a little more anxious attitude today, which I imagine will progress as the week continues. Much different than last week's more relaxed "let's do this already" attitude. I keep going over details, things to remember, preparations to make and anything else I haven't thought of yet. I can see myself slightly spazing over the next couple days as I prepare everything, pull the gear together and generally, nervously tinker around.

It's all good though, I am excited, feeling strong, and ready to go. I had a solid little taper workout today dabbling in all three sports and also got my bike chain cleaned and re-lubed. I think I got more grease on myself than what I actually cleaned off, but the chain is looking nice, clean and ready to haul. Also took some time after the chain cleaning to wipe down, dust off, and spiffy up the 'ol Felt B-12. She looks hot and ready to roll.

Tomorrow I will start to gather all the components for my gear and tri-bag into a big pile. It will be my first checklist rundown....the prelims before the final pack Wednesday night. Only two more days to prepare as we are hittin the road first thing Thursday morning....bright eyed and bushey-tailed.

Drank a ton of water today and had a dope dinner of grilled chicken breast with fresh cilantro on top, steamed yukon gold potatos, and sauteed asparagus.....mmm.mmm.mmm. Gonna finish the eve off with more agua and some killer stretching.

Day 166 Training Log - Todays training was a series of short burst workouts within each sport. It totaled 20 minutes of swimming, 15 minutes of biking and 30 minutes of running. The swim was 4 x 5 minutes starting fast and then returning to race pace. I eneded up getting in 300 yards in each set totalling a 1200 yard swim. My four 300 sets were 4:53, 4:58, 4:56 and 4:47. Then to the stationary bike (which I have not been on in forever) for 3 x 5-minutes. It was a 5-minute warmup then 5 minutes all out and a five minute cool down. I did a medium gear and cranked about 100 rpms on the warm-up and cool-down. For the five minutes all out I used the same gear and worked somewhere between 120 to 130 rpms. From there, I moved to the treadmill (also haven't been on in forever) for 3 x 10 minutes starting slow and building to race pace each set. I started each set at a 9:30 mile and built to a 7:30 mile (although 7:30 should be a far cry from race pace. It was a good, fun workout. Felt great.

Post-Script: If yesterday's allergies were a 10 out of 10, today was somewhere around a 6.5. Not nearly as much sneezing and tissues, mostly just stuffy sinuses. Also, CDA weather report for Sunday is showing 75 degrees and isolated thunder-storms. It's been changing every day.

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