Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Almost Famous

June 16, 2009 -

Yes it was just about a year ago that I did my first ever half-iron distance race in my hometown of Boise Idaho. It was the race that sparked my buddy and I (who have been racing together since college) to say, "well we're only one distance away from the top....better do the full Ironman." Most people relish in their 70.3 accomplishment and settle down a bit, but all we could do was count down the days until they opened online registration for CDA so we could get our real Ironman journey underway.

We must have been two of the greatest athletes Boise had ever seen as they put our picture from the swim start on the front page of the Idaho Statesman newspaper the day after the race and then ran it yet again this year the day before the race. You can see us both standing there staring off into the distance looking very intense or very scared...not sure which. That's my buddy John, aka Yukon there in the middle with the sleeveless wetsuit and his arms folded across. Then there is me, standing right beside/behind him to the right. The looks on our faces.....priceless.

Anyway, for your tracking purposes for CDA, Yukon is bib# 512 and I am bib# 570. I think you will be able to track from ironman.com, but I will have more detail on this in the next few days.

On a side note, I went in for my pre-race massage today. I have this gal that delivers a very punishing yet gratifying deep tissue massage. I like to flush everything out and work out all the kinks a few days before the race and then really continue to focus on hydration and stretching. I had quite a few wound-up knots behind the 'ol shoulder blades where I like to store that kind of stuff. Man this woman, she just grinds her elbows and fists in there....talk about joy and pain.....I heard it's like sunshine and rain:)

Day 167 Training Log - Just a 30 minute swim today, which was to take place in the open waters, however no time to fit in that whole lake thing today so I just headed to the pool. I cranked out 35 laps or 1750 yards in the allotted 30 minutes, which translates to one mile exactly....athank-you. Great swim by the way, more confidence that I am strong and ready.

Post Script - Checked back in with the weather report and weather.com is now reporting 80 degrees and isolated thunderstorms for Sunday....should be interesting. Also, allergies taking it easy on me today. Best they have been in about a week or so...I would give them a 4 out of 10. Lastly, I'm feeling relaxed today. I think my nerves yesterday were the resounding build up of a ton of work stuff, because when I really think about it...Ironman isn't all that hard to get ready for. So I was able to knock out a ton of work stuff between yesterday and today and should be able to polish up the rest before I leave Thursday morning for Idaho.....making me a calm warrior ready to attack in the biggest athletic battle of my life....woop woop.

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