Friday, June 5, 2009

I Heart To Pee In My Wetsuit

June 5, 2009 -

The greatest part of long open water swims.....peeing in your wetsuit.....mmmm....mmmm....mmmm....warm. Ok, maybe that was a little weird and creepy, but what is the deal with having to pee in the your wetsuit. I can pee (in a bathroom) and jump in the lake a minute later and instantly have to pee. As represented by my new favorite t-shirt that a buddy of mine sells.

I hit Lake Sammamish for the swim today. It was about 75 and partly cloudy, and the lake's website reported the water temp at 70 degrees....perfect. The water was still for the most part and not mucky at all.

The only annoyance was swimming through the waves that would occassionally roll through from the wake-boarders. They had diminished for the most part by the time the reached us, but still enough to throw you off a bit.

I still have a couple more open water swims left before the big day, but this was the longest. Now, I officially have my longest bikes, runs and swims in the bag.....sweet.

Day 156 Training Log - One hour and fifteen minute open water swim today. Great swim, although around 50 minutes into it I started getting a little sloppy. I swam with a buddy, back and forth between a couple buoys that were about 250 yards apart. We were guessing we swam about 3500 yards, which I would be happy with.

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