Friday, June 12, 2009

Lets Go Already

June 12, 2009 -

I had a swim to knock out today and all I could think about was..."lets do this already". I'm trying to be patient, but counting down these final days until the race is getting lame. I did the work and all I want to do is get this thing going already.

During every workout now, I envision every part of the race....mostly the finish. I reflect on all the training and I's go time.....lets get it on. I'm not the most patient type, so just knocking out these little taper workouts mostly just waiting to get to race day is tough.

Oh well.

Day 163 Training Log - I had a 2700 swim today, which rocked. It was a 6 x 75 warm-up, a 3 x 700 main swim, and a 150 cool down. With the days off and the other workouts this week, this was my first time in the water since last Friday. I was curious to see how quickly I could put it together after a week of not swimming. The answer, fast. This was a great swim! It was fast and furious. I felt strong and with each set I swam faster just waiting to get tired or blow out, but I just kept going and feeling better. I was swimming as hard and fast as I ever had only verifying one thing......lets go already!

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