Saturday, June 13, 2009

Witness My Glory

June 13, 2009 -

Yes folks, yet another day today (going 24 strong) of sunshine and 80 degrees in Kirkland. I had a run on the books for today and you know that can only mean one thing.....shred the shirt, lather the screen and flop out the belly for all to see.

Not sure why it is so great, maybe because I can loose the nipple band-aids, maybe because that sweat laden shirt is not wearing on me or maybe, just maybe because the sun just loves to soak into my skin and make me run faster; but I love topless running (women please don't try this, I'm a professional).

I headed out today on my last run of any mileage before the race in 75 degrees and had a fantastic run. Much in the same fashion as yesterday's swim, as the run went on I got stronger and worked harder all the way through the finish. I felt great, worked hard in the sunny heat and was happy just out there running along the waterfront gazing out at all the boats and sun-seeking, beach going peeps and really having a rather enjoyable run....which was cool because I wasn't motivated to go out.

Day 164 Training Log - I had a 90 minute run today, which ended up coming in at 8:16 pace for 10.92 miles. This was a little slower than I wanted however, I ran three miles of hills. A gradual ascent mile long hill, a gradual ascent half-mile hill, and a steep half-mile hill. Really though....just a stellar run. One of those days that makes you love the freedom of running.

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