Monday, June 1, 2009

CRIKEY! - Start Week 3

June 1, 2009 -

June first, June, the month of June....Ironman is in June....crap crap crap. How is it June already? With four weeks of conditioning waaaay back in January, then the official start of the 20 week training plan starting February first, I can't believe it is Ironmonth and only three weeks out from....the day.....bah!

So many questions I ready? Did I do enough? Will the last remaining big workouts be enough as I gradually taper down to race day?

Oh well, nothing you can do now, but finish out the training strong and go do what you trained to do.

June....crap crap crap.

Day 152 Training Log - Two hours of working out today with an hour run and an hour open water swim. I headed out with a buddy around noon for the run. It was sunny and 82 degrees and I hit 7.38 miles for an 8:06 pace. I was hot hot hot...and parched. Good run though. Later in the afternoon I headed to the lake to swim however forgot my goggles and so I just headed back to work. I ended up going swimming in Lake Washington at Waverly Beach Park in Kirkland later the evening. Not sure what the water temp was but it was perfectly comfotable with my is was 86 degrees out. I swam back and forth between two docks that were about 300 yards apart. The first 20 minutes was a little slow and winded while I warmed up and got used to swimming in the chop. After that, the last 40 minutes was solid. Good swim.

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