Sunday, May 31, 2009


May 31, 2009 -

Today I had a two hour bike ride and it was about half-way through when I realized I had some great confidence. No, not confidence in my Ironman race....I'm still moderately frightened for that one....this was confidence specific to my bike.

When I got my bike back in December, I was still pretty novice and that bike leg of any of my tri's was always my weakest leg. It was the leg where I would get beat my the biggest margin by others in my age group.

I didn't really know how all the parts of the bike worked, how to efficiently and quickly change my flats, make adjustments or clean my chain. I had only a slight clue on how to shift effectively for a strong ride. I was weak on uphills and timid on downhills.

Today I was out and started realizing how far I have come since then. I have really adopted all these strategies and techniques without even realizing. Hills I used to sit-up and brake all the way down; now I lay on my aero bars and fly down. I shift so much up and down hills that my legs never really get fatigued.

The two-hour loop I set out on today only took me an hour forty-five. Yes, yes the bike has come along quite nicely. I hope after a couple more long training rides that I can come in strong on the bike in CDA because the run...I'm pretty sure....will be a toss-up.

Day 151 Training Log - So two-hour bike today. I headed out from my house and down Market Street, up through Juanita, down Holmes Point and then back up that 600ft incline. From there back down through Kenmore, up the Burke-Gillman trail through Woodinville and Redmond and then up the 520 hill. Back down through Kirkland, along Lakeshore Drive and back up Market street home. It was a great, strong, fast ride. The weather was sunny and 70 degrees and I had that whole confidence thing working for me as I was cookin along.

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