Friday, May 29, 2009

The Long Run

May 29, 2009 -

22 mile run at an 8:13 pace today! Damn was it hard. The first two hours went pretty well rocking at a sub 8 pace, but that third hour became this gradual decline with every step. By 2:45 I was so spent, just counting down the steps until I would be done.

To add to it, I broke one of the cardinal rules of long distance running...I clipped my toenails last night....bah. I'm not really sure what the difference is between neatly trimmed toenails and tree climbers, but the the long run does not respect the freshly cut toenail.

A couple things I did different today was running in my actual race clothes, and I switched to a CamelPak. My fuel belt was scraping my waist-line and the three 8oz bottles on it usually only lasted about 16 miles. I liked using the CamelPak although it was a little awkward at first, as it got lighter it was much easier to run with and I was secretly rejoicing in the fact that I had fluid through mile 21.

I found this dirt trail recently that goes all along Lake Sammamish, which is where I ran today. The weather was 62 when I went out and 75 by the time I got back. The trail was nice as it offered shade, great views of the lake, Mt. Rainier and some pretty incredible lake homes.

For nutrition I had a power gel at hour one and two and had power tabs at each half hour and every fifteen minutes of the third hour. I also had two Thermolytes before I left, two at 1:15 and two more at 2:15.

Day 149 Training Log - So three hour run that actually ended up being 3:01:56 for a 8:13 pace for 22 miles. The first half hour was a little rough getting warmed up and used to running with that CamelPak. From there, I was pretty much in a zone and cookin through the two-hour mark. After that I was running in fifteen minute increments and then taking a drink and a couple power tabs. By two and a half hours my legs were so cooked and me feet were shot. I did wear my 2XU compression socks and really liked having them. I'm thinking I may race with them in CDA. After I got back I enjoyed my newest favorite thing after a long workout.....and ice-cold real Coke....delicious. I stretched and recovered pretty well, but my knees are a little sore. Prolly have to ice up tonight.

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