Wednesday, May 13, 2009


May 13, 2009 -

Me singing to my training: "I love it when we're cruising together." I had a quick bike and a run today and it was just another day of smooth sailing....of cruisin. Not to say that I wasn't sweating like a freak show and working hard...but everything is just gellin.

This is two hours of working out. It seems as though the next few weeks I get one day a week of a one hour workout, a couple days a week of two to two and a half hour workouts, a couple days a week of three hour workouts and one of 6 to six hour plus. One day off of course.

When I realized this, I was a little overwhelmed. You get worked everyday, day after day. Over two hours of running and swimming one day followed by five and a half hours of biking and running the next followed by three hours of running the next. That kinda stuff. No room to move anything around based on schedule because it is jam packed everyday.

This should be the most interesting and trying time of my training to date....basically from now until the first week of June.

No more singing cruisin.....more like "oh don't you know, that's the sound of a man, working on the chain....gang."

Day 133 Training Log - Today I had a 90 minute bike and a 30 minute run. I did both in the gym as my bike in the shop getting a cracked cable housing replaced.....oh, and the weather blows. This whole week so far typical Seattle spring weather. Either cold and rainy in the morning and sunny in the afternoon or vice versa. The 90 minutes on the bike was great, I watched the iPod and cranked out intervals again and then moved directly to the treadmill for an easy 8:30 pace for 30 minutes. Good day....cruisin.

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