Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Post Traumatic - Start Week 7

May 4, 2009 -

Monday morning....kids jumping on me, back to work, and one more day off before I get back to training. I wouldn't call it a letdown by any means, but I've been on this high for about a week leading up to the race and then race day and the day after.

Now, back at work with the realization that this race is over and it is back to the grind with a ton of hard training left before the high of Ironman I find myself a little funky. Don't get me wrong. It's great to be home, in my bed, with the family and normal food, but it all seems so sudden. You wait and wait and train and train and then it's race week, race day, celebration and then.....done. As suddenly as it was upon you, it is over. I'm wondering what it will feel like to be done with IM CDA and nothing left on the schedule. What do you do when you don't have to fit three hours a day of training into your life?

At least I still have the ultimate goal of my full IM race still coming and all the training in between, so it is hardly anti-climatic or over yet.

I will enjoy another day off to recover and then slowly get back to the grind. I have a very heavy schedule waiting for me. I will try to start slowly as only two days off after a half IM is pushing it a little for me.

Day 124 Training Log - No training today. Catching up at work, with the family, and enjoying the sore muscles I earned on Saturday. Actually, not too bad, just the outside of my quads and my hip flexors are sore, but that's about it. Back at it tomorrow.

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  1. Hey man - enjoying your twitter feed and getting to know your blog. Great work at WF. Will look forward to your journey to IMCDA.

    I have a "$.02" about everything I learned at IMWI in 2006 at my blog (www.becomingironman.blogspot.com), and one of the things I mention is the letdown. It's pretty crazy after Ironman, when (even if shredded) you're in pretty sublime shape, and your body and mind are used to working out and having a huge thing on the horizon, and suddenly - poof. My suggestion would be to put some things on the calendar for after Ironman, that you know will be there. Nothing huge - some local 5k or 10k, or a small mtn bike race, just something to channel your energies still. Anyway, thought I'd mention it.

    Best of luck, I'll be tuning in -