Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy A

May 24, 2009 -

Today is my sixth wedding anniversary and another 75 degree, sunny day in Seattle. With all the work and hosting yesterday I was so spent last night and got up today knowing only two things. One, I will do some type of small workout today, and two, I will do nothing else.

I decided just to hit a short run today. Enough to kinda get everything moving again, but not overdo it. This is because tomorrow I'm doing the Seven Hills of Kirkland century ride. It's not a race, just an organized ride and I just so happen to be due for a six hour bike/thirty minute run so this will work perfect. I'm just hoping I can be strong for it as I've only worked-out, three out of the last six days.

Today though, we enjoyed some family time and sunshine. My wife and daughter went and got four baby chicks and my son and I played ball. I also picked up the wigglin waterpillar sprinkler for them to go crazy in.

Day 144 Training Log - I went out this morning on a short 45 minute run in about 60 degrees along the Kirkland waterfront. The run ended up being a little harder than I wanted it to be, but still solid overall. I made it 5.78 miles for a 7:56 pace. Ready to ride tomorrow!

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