Friday, May 8, 2009

A Battered Ram

May 8, 2009 -

I had a long run today and sometime afterward I realized that I am all beat-up right now. It started with the whole knee sunburn thing, which looks awkward enough, but now it's peeling. Then there is also the ankle burn from that space in between my socks and the calf guards....again, awkward looking.

Then I have this thin strip about a half-inch wide that goes across my entire lower back that is sunburned. This was the space left uncovered between my bike shorts and my tri-top when I'm aero. This too....peeling.

Then, somehow on my run today, my fuel belt got up under my running tank and rubbed my skin off on a section of my lower back and the front of my lower abdomen. Also managed to get a sweet little chaff line on my inner-bicep where it met the seam on my running tank.

Top that off with a couple black toenails and I am really one piece of work right now. I had to have a talk with the 'ol body and tell it to pull it together. No more making me look weird or trying to get injuries no matter how lame or minor.

Getting into the heavy few weeks of training I have to really watch not to let this stuff happen because with longer workouts and very few days off, this little stuff can really compound.

Day 128 Training Log - I had a two and a half hour run today. This run was pretty brutal from what I'm guessing is a combination of heat and dehydration. Cool run though. I'm in Long Beach and made way way through a couple marinas, a boardwalk, a beach path, some shopping district and back. Tons of great scenery for a long run but I only ended up making it 16 miles when last time for that timed run, I made it 18 miles. It was about 80 degrees and I was way dehydrated. You know that thick yellow syrup pee. Sleep on that.

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