Thursday, May 7, 2009

Say Cheese!

May 7, 2009 –

Pics from Wildflower are in and I thought I would so generously take the time to share with everyone. I really only have two rules with race photos: 1. Try not to look like you are dying because even if you are…racing is fun. 2. Always throw in a couple goof ball pics…it makes you look like your having fun, even if you are dying.

I have found over the years, what an uncanny knack race photographers have to catch me off guard at my absolutee worst. Those pics where it looks like your knees are bucking, your shoulders are slumping and you may release the barf at any moment.

That is why a couple years ago I wanted to make an effort to look strong, polished and like I was having a blast in my photos….you be the judge.

Day 127 Training Log –Another work trip this weekend and I had a solid workout today so I booked a later flight in order to get it out of the way before I left.

Today’s schedule included a 30 minute swim, 60 minute bike and a 45 minute run. Lucky me, as of a week before the race, and up until this point all my workouts have been going great and today was no exception. I cranked out 1750 yard (one mile) in the pool in that 30 minutes and it was a great swim. Then I hit the stationary bike for intervals between two medium gears. I didn’t kill it on the bike, but definitely got my schwetty on. From there, straight to the treadmill for 45 minutes at an easy pace.

Although I didn’t go all out today, I did have a great workout in all three arenas. Why did I stay moderately reserved today you may ask? Two reasons: 1. I have a 2 ½ hour run and a 2700 yard swim tomorrow, outside in 80 degree California heat. 2. I was in the gym for all three workouts today as this morning….again…it was windy, gloomy and rainy in Seattle. All good in the hood though.


  1. Had to laugh at your thoughts on photos... in 3 IM branded races, I have one pic that doesn't look like I'm ready to puke or pass out. Great ideas on hamming it up, I'll steal them for this year!

  2. These are THE BEST race photos I have seen. Love it!