Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Three Sports And A Baby

May 12, 2009 -

What started way back when as three sports and a baby has evolved into three sports and one bad mofo. Things that seemed so challenging, borders that seemed would never be crossed, and workouts that I thought would never end....all have. And at the end of it all....is me now. More confident by the day, facing new challenges, breaking new boundaries and gaining new confidence. It is amazing how many times through this process you re-evaluate hard.

Today I dipped into the swim, bike and run and it all just worked. Some days these three just won't get it on with me...but today...we were all in sync. I hit a run at a faster pace than I have been running recently, had a solid effort on the stationary bike with some interval work and polished off with a quick speed swim that just loved me.

It's really amazing how the same workouts some days are so easy and others so trying. It's also fun when you combine them and they just seem to flow into one another and work great with each other. My run opened up my lungs, my bike flushed out my legs, and my swim just worked it all out. I got done feeling solid like I had a great workout that just flowed.

Three sports and a haus.

Day 132 Training Log - 45 minute run, 60 minute bike, and a 1200 yard speed swim today. I hit the run outside in a partyly cloudy drizzly mess for 6 miles at a 7:30 pace and then headed straight to the gym. I worked the stationairy bike at medium intervals for an hour. I didn't kill it on the bike but still worked plenty hard and felt the burn. From there, straight to the pool for 12 x 100 speed swim with 10 seconds rest in between. All was dope and now I'm getting mentally prepared for a five hour bike this week and a three hour run this weekend.....bring it.

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