Monday, May 25, 2009

7 (14) Hills - Start Week 4

May 25, 2009 -

Today I did the Seven Hills of Kirkland ride. This is a fundraiser ride, which includes your choice of 40 miles, 65 miles, or the always beautiful 100 mile century ride. You have to already know I was choosing the century ride. It actually worked out perfect because I had a 6 hour ride and 30 minute run on the schedule.

The name is deceiving however, because the century ride actually includes a wonderful 14 hills with 7,000 feet of ascent! I was climbing my tail off all day, it was crazy. I headed out around 8:30a and had a food stop around mile 25. I put down a cookie and used the porto. Then on through mile 50 for another food and pee stop. There, I ate two fig newtons and a half banana.

After that stop I pushed through to mile 65 for another food stop and this was at just the right time. This was the point where my back, neck and shoulders were starting to ache. At this stop I had a few grapes and a half of a turkey and cheese sandwich. I headed out again and pushed to mile 85 where I had to stop for some water in my one water bottle. (Yes I lost my two seat bottles again today, even after I secured them with a little contraption...bah!) Also at this stop, my back, neck and shoulders, and butt were all more than ready to be done. I actually bought a can of coke and mixed it with the water in my bottle.

I had 13 of the 14 hills done by mile 85 and was dealing with a bunch of rolling hills that were just sucking any remaining life out of me. I definitely felt like my legs were chewed up, but not totally spent, it was more my butt and back/neck/shoulders at this point that were taking my focus....I was getting more and more uncomfortable.

At mile 92 I worked up that last hill (the second biggest of the day at 525 foot ascent). After this hill, I was cooked and enjoyed a flat few miles, a downhill few miles and a couple more flatties back into town.

The ride totaled 102 miles at 6 hours and 25 minutes, which was about 16mph pace. That is slower than what I usually do, but understandable considering the difficulty of the ride. When it was done, I biked the mile back uphill from the marina to my house and headed out on a 30 minute run.

Day 145 Training Log - So 6 hours and 55 minutes total workout today with the 6:25 bike and 30 minute run. I headed out for the run right after the bike and started waaaaay slow, but gradually picked up the pace. I had spurts of a faster pace but mostly fell back into a slow jog. At the end of the 30 minutes I felt definitely tired, but that I could still keep going. Not sure for how much longer, but every mile farther you can get before the walking starts in Ironman is a victory. I'm really feeling worked, but not overly sore, just a very tired back and butt. My legs are feeling pretty solid for the most part.

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