Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Long Road Home

May 17 2009 -

Well I gotta say after that 20 mile run my legs are a little sore and stiff, but overall not too bad. Long runs always get me more sore than any other long workouts. One out of three hell weeks down, two to go. Last week was a 16 hour training week, this week is 17 and next is 18. Then....the beloved taper.

It was my day off and the only feat I had to tackle was the 5.5 hour drive home from Idaho. When it was just my daughter it was easy, she was quiet and well behaved....but my oh man....what a little car ride hater.

He took a one hour nap so we only had to endure another 4.5 hours of him whining, yelling...blah blah blahing. What a crazy man.

We did make it back however, and still with a few hairs left on top.

I live to train another week!

Day 137 Training Log - So nothing today. Gearing up for another big week which includes a 22 mile run and a 5.5 hour bike/30 minute run brick. Looking forward to my next day off on Saturday.

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