Monday, May 18, 2009

Check My 10% - Start Week 5

May 18, 2009 -

Lightest day of the week today with a swim only. Good thing too, the swim was long. It wasn't a bad swim, it just seemed to take forever as I was just wanting to be done so I could get to some other things I needed to get done today.

So you probably have that guy at your pool that is the "elite pool swimming guy." We have one of those too. He wears the same Speedo Laser suit that Phelps wore and has is own equipment and swimming clock. He stretches out with cords before each swim and always does tons of crazy drills.

Today, he wanted to talk to me about my swimming (first time we have ever spoken with each other). He asked me if I was a tri-guy and if I had ever had any swimming training. When I replied no, he said that was amazing because I had a very natural mechanical stroke and that I was in the top 10% of swimmers he has seen at the pool.

This was very uplifting as I had always thought I was a fairly lame and inefficient swimmer who just had built up enough endurance to hammer through long training sessions. As it turns out, I'm on way was to being quite a swift and naturally gifted swimmer with a little tweaking. He talked about getting a book by Janet Evans and reading a little about some technique stuff and focusing on some drills.

I may think about this post Ironman...we'll see. For now I will just bask in my swimming glory according to "elite pool swimming guy."

Day 138 Training Log - I had a 2900 yard swim today. It broke down to an 800 warm-up with 200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull and 200 swim. Then, a main set of a 1900 yard ladder starting at 300 and decreasing 25 yards each set. Finished off with a 4 x 50 cool down and was more than happy to gracefully exit the water and call it a day.

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