Monday, May 11, 2009

The Count - Start Week 6

May 11, 2009 -

What's the count, what's the count? That's all I kept saying to myself today in the pool. It was like that movie "21" with Kevin Spacey teaching MIT students how to count cards in Vegas. When they are training, they throw all these crazy distractions at the kids and keep asking them..."what's the count, what's the count."

The only difference was, I'm not MIT smart, I didn't have major distractions (per se), and unlike those kids with the card counting....I could not remember the freakin count.

I had a 4000 yard swim today. This breaks down to 80 laps in the pool. 80 times down and back, 79 and down and back, 78 and down and back and....oh many was that?

What's worse is that the swim broke down into 8 x 500 so I only had to remember 10 at a time and I was having trouble doing that too! I was having a great swim...just distracted today, swimming all around in lala land.

Day 131 Training Log - 4000 yard swim today that broke down to 8 x 500 with a 30 second breather in between each set. The first 500 set was slow and clunky and then got better with each set until the last one which showed signs of fatigue. I got a little sloppy on that last one. Overall though, great swim. Happy to knock out another one at that distance. I think is is 2.2 miles approximately.

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  1. Oh yeah, I'm with you on the "count" thing all the way.