Monday, May 11, 2009

Who's Your Mommy

May 10, 2009 -

My training was lying in a gentle balance of short term sacrifice vs. long term happiness today as I as I contemplated how to handle training on Mother's Day. It was a fairly obvious what I should do but I have to say....I considered it.

For the sake of the greater good of Ironman in my household and to pull together maximum appreciation for the highly effective and brilliant mother of my rugrats....I took an unplanned day off. I needed to workout today, but was coherent enough to know that I needed to treat wifey to a Mother's extravaganza even more.

We did brunch and then a picnic later in the day. Just enjoyed the nice weather and let the kiddos run around and go crazy. Also promised wifey I would build her this chicken coup she really wants so each kid can get a chick, care for them and reap the rewards of home fresh eggs. I'm not real stoked yet, but they wore me down. This whole "urban farming" thing might just be great for the fam. Lil gardening, lil animal raising, some crafts and we should be good to go.

Day 130 Training Log - So I could have either made up some workouts today, moved around a couple from later in the week, or actually done the five hour bike and 30 minute run that was on the books. Instead just partied with moms all day...I'll see that long sucka bike soon enough.

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