Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Suburban Battle

May 30, 2009 -

In the battle of man vs. house today I waged another round of assaults against all the insurgents trying to turn our house into the trailer park it wants to be. But neigh...we mow and weed, clean the garage, do laundry, clean the kitchen, throw a round of junk away. We even find time to bbq and enjoy the sunshine and our sliver view of the lake, where to others it looks like we have an adorable little brick house.

To us, we do have an adorable little brick house......that requires a constant war of housework. I win today and live to fight again next weekend.

Day 150 Training Log - Today was my day off, which I did enjoy despite working around the house most of the day. It was just nice to be around the house, enjoy the sunshine and get some work done. My legs were a bit sore in places from that 22 mile run on Friday and behind my shoulders are all knotted up? I'm wondering if I was running a little tense or awkward from wearing that camelpak?

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