Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco De Traino

May 5, 2009 -

On this great holiday where Mexico celebrates their victory over the French, I celebrate my return to the pool, the first workout since my Half IM race last Saturday.

I could probably take another day off, but am also feeling antsy and like a swim was just the perfect entry back into training. As fate would have it...I just happened to have a swim on deck for today. I was planning on just getting in and swimming a little to flush the muscles out, but since there was a swim on calendar, I just did that.

I have to say, this went much better than anticipated. I swam fast, strong, and clean. I didn't feel sore or tired anywhere, and I had the glide going on. You know that glide you get when everything is just working in the water and you effortlessly move through the water like a torpedo built for for speed. That was me today.

Downside was post swim I was definitely exhausted and tired. That swim took a little more out of me than it should have, which probably means that I am still a little tired from the race. I ate a ton of food and was all good after about an hour though.

Day 125 Training Log - I put in 2900 in the pool today which was a warm-up of 200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull and 200 swim. The main set was a 1900 yard ladder starting at 300 and descending 25 yards each set down to 25. Finished with a 4 x 50 cool down and packed it up. Going to try for a run tomorrow to test the 'ol leggers out.

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