Sunday, May 24, 2009


May 23, 2009 -

Today was a day of catch-up and ketchup. With all the work travel, training, being sick and generally wanting to veg with any down time, today I HAD to get some work done around the house. We were having some neighbors over for a bbq at 4p so priority #1 was the housework and then, if there was Guess what....there wasn't time....bah, I fall farther behind, but not worried.

I did about four hours of pressure washing (a bonus you get for living in the pacific northwest), we did mowing and weeding, planting and washing, cleaning and scrubbing and I added a window and flower box to the chicken coop I have been building, (which is 90% done).

When the tasks had been completed, wouldn't you know, it was 4p. We had over six adults and seven kids. It was craziness, but fun. I bbq'd up some burgers with?........ketchup duh. It was sunny and 72 degrees.

Day 143 Training Log - I didn't really want to take today off with all the recent time off but I'm still not feeling a 100% either and worked my butt off around the house, so I didn't really miss the workout as I was equally tired from working from 9 til 4.

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