Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gettin Ickky With It

May 21, 2009 -

I had a great night's sleep with no sweating and woke up feeling pretty refreshed, outside of that whole stomach annoyance, which wasn't as annoying this morning. This is the first morning where I feel I may want to attempt a workout....test the waters. One problem though, still no food sounds good. I had a diet 7-up and a banana for breakfast and headed to the office.

I started to feel a little more solid as the morning progressed and found my way into a bowl of oatmeal before the doctor. At the doc he couldn't really pinpoint anything specific because I didn't really have any other symptoms than achy stomach. They drew some blood and and will get the results back on Tuesday. The only alarm he had was the loss of appetite.

Good news though, by mid afternoon I was feeling better and hungrier. Got a bowl of soup and a baguette for lunch. Still feeling a little weak but I refuse to lose out on another day of training, so tomorrow, no matter what...I'm gonna try something. Especially if the progression of feeling better continues.

Day 141 Training Log - So no training today...again. Three days off in a row in one of my heaviest weeks is a lame thing. I'm not overly concerned because I'm still good and can make-up the important ones, but it is pretty lame.

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